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Abide In Me Therapeutic Massage Services

Spending considerable amounts of time at the office can lead to fatigue and increased tension in employees. High levels of stress can potentially lead to lower productivity among staff members. However, offering incentives to help relieve stress and improve performance will positively impact the health of employees.

As part of an employee wellness program, designated on premise Chair Massage sessions are AIMed to assist in corporate wellness. Purposed to bring a positive atmosphere to any environment by helping to relieve work-related issues, such as poor posture and low productivity, this Massage Therapy service is a sure way for corporations to increase morale.

Whether as a onetime reward for outstanding employees or as a weekly therapeutic incentive, let our office massage experts give an abiding hand to your needs. Our Workplace Chair Massages are given in a setting right at your office by our professional Certified and Licensed Massage Therapists. Assured to re-energize and refresh, your employees will be motivated to be more effective throughout their day.

Workplace chair massage

Benefits of Office Chair Massages include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved circulation
  • Joint and muscle pain relief
  • Increased alertness and focus
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • More positive office environment

*Massage Therapy is not a substitute for medical care. It is understood that AIM Massage Therapists does not diagnose illness or disease and does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. Seeking the advice of your medical physician is always recommended prior to receiving a massage.

Please note that for workplace settings, Chair Massage services are only offered for this session type. Available techniques include Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Check out our Techniques & Benefits page for a full view of each offer.

*Chair massage services will not exceed 20 minutes per person.